Feb 7, 2017 Room with Tokonoma or Samurai guest room

Most of traditional Japanese houses have a room called Tokonoma (床の間).   During feudal era, the owner of this house should have welcomed his upper class guests in this room with Tokonoma, which is the best room in his house. When the owner is a Samurai with lower rank, he is supposed to receive Samurai of higher rank in the room with Tokonoma.  When the owner is a wealthy farmer, he should also receive  Samurai guests in the room with Tokonoma, or alcove, is a corner located in the best place of a guest room (i.e. the most distant point from the entrance).  Generally, TTokonomaa is decorated with Kakejiku(掛け軸), a long vertical hanging scroll.

We have renovated the room with Tokonoma first, just after we bought this old house one year ago.

After repairing walls by ourselves, we asked a Hyogushi(表具師), a professional guy specialized in dealing with wall paper to furnish the walls with traditional wall paper, named Karakami(唐紙).  The guy put paper nicely on the walls with the same method as has been done more than 100 years ago.

After the work, the room with Tokonoma regained its original splendor of the old days.


Guests of higher class have had different entrance than that for the owner family.  The entrance for guest is called Shikidai(式台).


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