Feb 19, 2017 Mon: entrance gate for Samurai

The main gate of the old house, or Mon (門),  has been designed for welcoming higher ranked guests such as samurais and monks. The main gate leads directly to the room with Tokonoma, or Zashiki.

The family members or casual visitors should have been using other entrances to enter into the house.  Could be Doma, Engawa, or any openings to the house (the house has openings in every direction).

The main gate Mon carries a decorative roof with the ridge-end furnished with a tile ornament, designed to protect the house against evils. Among many types of Mon, ours  is called “Mune-Mon”, because the “Mon” carries a roof (Mune).


We are planning to build a wisteria trellis along the wall leading to the Mon.


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