March 4, 2017 Spring coming out


In early March, it is still cold in our country. But the Nature captures longer daylight and prepares for the coming Spring.

 Edible flower buds of Fuki (Petasites) is among first blessings of the Nature. Unfortunately, we missed the right timing! The buds have already opened into flowers. We should have picked from the garden earlier to enjoy Tempura. Flowers are too bitter to eat.

Canola flower buds are now ready to be eaten. We boil, and then eat with soya-based sauce.

Edible buds or plants have been enjoyed from the old days.

This time, from tomorrow,

To take edible young plants of spring,

I stretch codes in the field,

Snows is falling down,

Yesterday, and today

Manyo-shu (万葉集, 8th century., Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves, Poet: Yamabe no Akahito)

Trees are budding here and there. Cherry trees, Daphne…

Tulips are coming out too.


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