March 21, 2017 Rice field wakes up


Rice was introduced in our country 3,000 years ago from China. Since then, rice field has always been a typical landscape. The salaries of lower grade Samurais were paid by the amount of rice. Higher grade Samurais received his fief by the size of rice field.

People’s happiness was measured by the amount of crops, especially rice, held in their house.

Watching from upper floor of my palace, 

Columns of smoke coming out from people’s rice cooking oven

新古今和歌集、New Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry, by Emperor Nintoku, the 5th century

Farmers turn over the rice field abandoned during winter, and wait for young rice plants to grow.

Rice field on the back of our old house is also turned over.

Farmers cultivates young rice plants inside greenhouses.

Our village reanimates as tractors turns over rice field. Yes, farmers and tractors also wake up from long winter sleep.

Rape blossoms are thriving along the rice field, announcing the coming spring.

Coming out to spring meadows

to pick herbs for you, 

Spring snow falls on my kimono sleeve

百人一首 or the Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets, No 15 by Emperor Kouko, the 8th century

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