March 26, 2017 Newcomers in the garden


Since we bought the old house  a year ago, we have planted several young plants, expecting them to grow and make flowers, fruits and nuts someday.

 Unfortunately, none of them grew as fast as beans of “Jack and the Beanstalk”. We must wait, for years for some of them.

3 years for Peach and Chestnut, 8 years for Persimmon (=Kaki)

      –Old Japanese proverb (Edo period, the 17th-19th century)  

The first nursery tree we planted was Chestnut. 

We hope to harvest our first chestnuts in one to two years.

We also planted blueberries. As for blueberries, we can expect to get fruits from the first year, meaning by this coming autumn.

We planted a young fig tree, too. As for fig, we can also get fruits by the first year.

Not just for eating but also for nice smell, we planted a fragrant young orange-colored olive in the backyard of the garden.

Finally, we built a big trellis for wistaria, expecting to see flowers next year. The two young trees of wistaria are expected to hang down two meter-long flowers !

Wisteria flowers have been appreciated by nobilities since old days.

I really adore Wisteria flowers with long, deep colored clusters

       –The Pillow Book (The Pillow Book or 枕草子, by Sei Shonagon, the 11th century)

Among our old friends of the garden, winter daphne or “Daphne Odora” with white and red colored flowers are fully blooming, giving off sweet fragrance throughout the garden.

Under the shade of trees, Narcissus is blooming solitarily, away from the sunny side of the garden.


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