April 1, 2017 Local fisherman’s wharf


Every Sunday morning, fisherman’s wharf of Isumi-city is open to the public. A short drive of 20 minutes from our old house leads to the place.

Bright and clear blue sky.  Nice breeze from the sea. A fisherman’s boat enters into the harbor.

Both local people and those coming from metropolitan area gather to buy fresh fish and local products.


Fishermen are selling fish and seafood caught before dawn.


Dried fish too.  During winter, local people dry fish under the clear weather and cool wind.

Some sell cactus and greenhouse grown plants.

After visiting the wharf, it’s lunch time!  You can enjoy Ramen with local fish soup, grilled octopus, charcoal-grilled local clams, etc., in an open-air eating place under the winter sky of Isumi-city.


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