April 13, 2017 Spring morning


It’s hard to wake up in spring. You are no more awaken by the cold temperature of the winter. You prefer staying long in your warm futon, listening to lovely bird songs…

Spring, asleep, knows no dawn,

Here and there, trilling bird songs,

Night’s pitter-patter of winds and rains,

How many flower petals have fallen?

– 春暁 or Spring Dawn, Mèng Hàorán, Chinese poet, 7th to 8th century

Birds are coming to stay in flowering trees. Japanese nightingales are singing from plum and cherry trees. “Ho- Hokekkyo! ”–this is how we hear nightingales singing songs in Japan. We hear them here and there, but hard to get their pictures

Our garden is now full of flowering trees and flowers. Tulips blossoms,too.

Spring night,

Dreaming on your arm,

Will be annoying if people talk about us




– 百人一首 or the Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets, No 67 by Suo-no-Naishi, 11th century


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