April 20, 2017 Multi-color palette


In old days, people enjoyed not only flowers, but also early morning colors that change from moment to moment.

Spring time, the best is dawn.

Mountain ridge, gradually shining in white,

Sunlight, low lying clouds in purple color.

春は、あけぼの。やうやう白くなりゆく山きは 少し明りて紫だちたる雲の細くたなびきたる。

The Pillow Book (枕草子) by Seishonagon, 11th century

People enjoyed various colors of new leaves springing out from different trees.

Among trees without flowers, I love Maple trees, Katsura, and white Pine.

Among Maple trees, I prefer smaller ones, new leaves with red edge, pointing to the same direction. Looks so fragile, like sere insects.



–The Pillow Book (枕草子), by Seishonagon, 11th century

Now our garden is full of green colors. Yes, this is the garden after Easter. New leaves sprang out here and there, anywhere from unexpected space.



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