April 27, 2017 Spring in the rice field


In late April, most of the rice fields in Isumi are filled with water.

Young rice plants, which have been grown inside greenhouses since early spring, are now planted in the rice field at equal intervals.

Rice planting songs

Listening in my midday nap

Mottainai for me

 勿体なや 昼寝して聞く 田植え歌

–Haiku by Issa Kobayashi, in the 18th to 19th century

 So nice to hear

Rice planting songs

My journey just started

 風流の 初めや奥の 田植歌

 — The Narrow Road to the Deep North or 奥の細道, by Basho Matsuo, in the 17th century

Rice field on the back of our house is now planted with young rice plants.

May 5th, is the Children’s Day in Japan.  We celebrate the day by wishing that kids in the family grow in a healthy manner.  On top of the hill of Manki Castle, we will be able to see “Koinobori”, the carp shaped streamers in multi colors.   While smaller ones represent kids, bigger ones represent parents.