Old plum trees

My wife has bought this old house around one year ago. No one could tell how old it was.

It might have been built around the time of Meiji Restoration, latter half of the 19thcentury.  Meiji Restoration has brought an end to the feudalism and Shogunate system a 150 years from now. Some said the house is not that old, built only a 100 years ago…

Cleaning the house, my wife has discovered in the barn an old picture of this house in sepia color.


We can see a plum tree with white flowers blooming. Should be early spring. We can also see chickens running in the garden.

We don’t know how old this sepia color picture is. Early to mid -20th century?

Today, the same plum tree is blooming in the garden!


Not sure your heart is the same as before

Plum blossoms in my country perfumes sweetly all the same as in the years

gone by

(百人一首、the Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets, No 35 by Ki no Tsurayuki, the 10th century)

Becoming old, number of flowers is less. But each flower remains the same.


The combination of red and white plum trees has always been a favorite motif of Japanese painters, such as:

Red and White plum blossoms” Ogata Korin 18c

Other than plum blossoms, we have several camellia trees blooming during January.

Camellia flowers appear in “La Dame aux camellias”, written by French author  Alexandre Dumas fils, in the 19th century.  Popular flowers in Japan, Camellia has been introduced to Europe in the 19th century.